Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Thoughts on ELF Products

Hey guys so i am at work and i have been looking at a lot of beauty blogs lately and loving them!

But now i am pooped so i thought i would post a blog of my own! Nothing fancy or planned and if you follow me on twitter you may know about me recent obsession and love: ELF products found at

They are so affordable with a whole line at $1 each and a studio line that is mostly $3 each, plus other affordable products like the Mineral line.

Personally, some of the items from the regular $1 line are pretty great while others are total flops. However, i am totally loving the Studio line! I have ordered and reordered because i am so happy with some of the items i picked up.

I plan on doing a full video/blog about my favorites from ELF's studio line after i get my last package has arrived (ETA End of next week) before i do this, but for now, let me share some of the treasures i have picked up...

Let me start by saying that the bronzers are fabulous! They are large and pigmented - i bought all three: Cool, Warm, and Golden.
I think all 3 are must haves but Golden has a light color to it with a lot of sheen. Warm has more color with much less shimmer than Golden. And Cool is matte and it the darkest color (i've used it to contour on my pale skin).
I use the Warm and Golden (as highlight) together almost every day - but today i am playing with my new ELF Blushes.

Speaking of the new ELF Blushes... i am wearing one today that i think will be my Holy Grail Blush! It is called Candid Coral and it is a amazing light pink/coral color, perfect for my very light skin tone. It has a bit of shimmer but honestly, its nothing wacky and clown-like. I really don't notice the shimmer much on my cheeks. This is the blush i have been SEARCHING for! I am so happy with ELF.

I also got a free gift for referring 3 people to ELF. I don't know if the gift is the same for everyone, but for me it was a lip gloss in a tin from the candy shop. I actually really like it!

Today i am also wearing some of the new shadows on top of the ELF mineral primer. So far i am impressed with the primer. I have a deep crease and my eyelids do tend to get a bit oily and this primer has really held it all together for $3 - What a steal!

I put in another order from ELF the other night and i ordered another one of the mineral primers plus the Studio primers. From what i hear, the studio primer is not nearly as good as the mineral but i had a coupon for 75% off so i thought - what the hey and thought i would see for myself.

I ordered a ton of other things like a bunch more nail polish, liners, new brushes, more eyeshadow, blush, lip stuff, and even a the mini makeup set. i really can't wait!

I will be posting a haul of the ELF items i got as well as goodies from a few other places. so this is the end of my random blog.

thanks for reading!


  1. Hey girl, could you do some swatches with your bronzer and blush? :D

  2. I love ELF PRODUCTS.I own some of it and i love them too...u are so lucky to have the 75% discount coupons,i wish to buy more of it but no chance coz we dun have it here in Singapore.Will be waiting more of the review for your ELF items :)

  3. @XXNikkiDooxx
    I'l Definitely do those first then!

    I love them too! They are really great for such a small price but 75% off too?! WHOA.

    I will be picking up my last ELF package today and i have the weekend off so i will be doing some long overdue blogs. yay!