Monday, August 31, 2009

August In and Outs

Hey guys!
I now have 6 followers! Thanks so much!

So I was reminded of the In and Out blogs from Erika so i thought i should do my own.

--Saving money! Thats right, saving money is definitely a goal of mine for this month. I need to focus on paying for school, rent, and books! Tuition has increased by 10-15% here in Oregon not to mention that i now live in a apartment that is more expensive than where i used to live... So i need to watch my wallet. No makeup shopping in Sept. But i do need some new jeans. Anyone know where to get a good deal?
--Best friend in Portland! Yup, one of my best friends has moved to Portland! She isn't going to the same school as i am but she is still very close!
--Eating better! Yup, always a goal for me but i am having a lot of fun with it. I went raw for a bit but it quickly got expensive as sales for fruit are dwindling since summer is coming to an end. :( But i am still working on eating breakfast and eating good stuff. yay
--Nails! This month was about getting my nails stronger and healthier. It is stil something i am working on for Sept but i am enjoying it. Now that i am using better quality bases/top coats, and removers, i am really enjoying doing my nails! i really need to spend some time on practicing with my Konad. Yup, maybe i will do that tomorrow since i am (supposed) to be off at 2. Which brings me to my...

--Work! Yeah, work is really getting to me. But i paying 1/2 my rent payment this week so yay! (we get charged every 3 months)
--Broke-ness! Yes, everytime i turn around there is a great deal going on somewhere... Ahhh MUST RESIST!
--Buying Textbooks! One of my text books is $216! OMG!!! I found it cheaper online but still... Isn't that just CRAZY?! Man, school is so expensive. Not to mention tuition prices are raised 15% in ONE year. ugh i am gonna pass out looking at my tuition bill.

So i have a huge, several part haul to show you guys that i just haven't finished putting together and every time i get close to being done, i get a bit more to show. And NOW my BF has the camera since UFC came to Portland... He had to take it with him. So... boo :(

But i did my my last ELF haul, some stuff from Walgreens, Walmart, iVi scents, and Glamour Doll Eyes. I feel so spoiled. :P

BTW i decided not to buy any more eyeshadows... i really don't need any more!

Thats it guys - thanks for reading :)

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  1. I love the in and out lists that people do. It's amazing how many times you say, I'm doing that, I agree with that, I am so going to do that! LOL!!. Lucky I don't have to buy Textbooks - $216 for a book - that's madness!