Monday, August 3, 2009

Tag from BeautyByPinky : )

1-Things you cannot leave the house without?
My phone! Its like a watch/calender/phone so its pretty important
Purse! I carry all kinds of crap with me. Haha
Debit Card! Its where my $$$ is at
Makeup bag! For touchups and such. :)

2- Favorite brand of Make Up?
NYX has to be my favorite! There isn't much from their line that i don't like.

3-Favorite flower?
Well I grew up in Hawaii, so i have to pick plumerias and (red) hibiscus. But birds of paradise are pretty too.

4-Favorite clothing store?
I like old navy because its cheap and there is always sales.

5-Favorite perfume?
I'm not really into perfume but i love scents with sandalwood, its beautiful

6-Heels or Flats?
I LOVE HEELS! But since i now live in Portland, Oregon and i walk everywhere (no car) i wear flats most often. But i used to wear heels ALL THE TIME

7-Do you make good grades?
I make very good grades!

8-Favorite colors?
I like so many but lately i have been into Purple the most.

9- Do you drink energy drinks?
Not very often, no. They are mostly sugar! But i admit, i like Red Bull :P

10-Do you drink juice?
Occasionally. But much of it is processed, filtered, and pasteurized so i try to find the good stuff (its pricey) if i'm in the mood - which isn't too often.

11-Do you like swimming?
LOVE he water! But i am picky about where i swim. No rivers and especially no lakes!!

12-Do you eat fries with a fork?
uhhh no.. thats silly

13-Favourite moisturiser:
I love my cetaphil lotion! I actually need a new one soon.

14- Do you want to get married later on in life?
Sorta, i guess. I want a great person to spend my life with but not necessarily marriage.

15- Do you get mad easily?
Not so much anymore. Certain people REALLY know how to go it tho (like my dad)

16- Are you into ghost hunting?
Not really but i am fascinated with chost stories/movies.

17-Any phobias?
eh, no really

18-Do you bite your nails?
YUCK no way. its so bad for your nails

19-Have you ever had a near death experience?

20-Do you drink coffee?
not really, i might have an iced coffee everyone once in a while but thats about it.

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  1. Do u reeeally really don't have any phobia?? Lucky u!!! haha! :)

    Great answers :)