Monday, September 20, 2010

China Glaze Collection & Bermuda Breakaway

Oh China Glaze, I love you. 

Someone wanted to see all the ChG polishes I have so here they are in the shape of a heart. Cute right? I have 54 of them currently and it definitely won't stop there. I am already eyeing the holiday collection. 

I have issues. 

But don't blame me! ChG makes great collections in so many fun colors. Any serious collector or nail polish fan needs them in their collection. 

Anyway, here is Bermuda Breakaway that I just recently hauled. 

Such a deep, beautiful blue!

These pictures show the blue to be brighter but in person its darker. More like a dark navy blue. 

I've never been into blue much until recently. I think it was that blue holo polish from Milani that suddenly got me into blue. Weird. 

And I wanted to get someones opinion... Does it drive anyone else crazy when people call creme colors (no sparkle, glitter or shimmer) mattes?   Matte means there is no shiney effect. This confusion drives me nuts. Probably because I LOVE creme finishes but I'm not wild about the majority of matte polishes. So for me, this distinction is important. 

Does anyone else notice this?

Well, I'll end that mini rant. :P 

OPI Miami Beet

I am in a frenzy trying to get back into the swing of school which starts next week (Eck!). So far, its been rough. I believe this may be a case of senioritis. But unlike high school, this is my most important year to be on track, focused and organized. Ugh  I am determined to do everything and more so I'm going to keep the attitude up even if I have to fake it for awhile.

Anyway, here is one of the polishes I found half off at Fred Meyer - OPI in Miami Beet.

I love these berry shades but I know they aren't too exciting or unique. This one isn't anything special but its rich and opaque in color. And for half off? Definitely could use just one more, right? :)

Currently this is on my toes and it looks great! 

Is it just me or is Miami one of those cities that just isn't too appealing to visit? I know the club scene is great and I'm sure the beaches are lovely too. But coming from Hawai'i, I prefer the Pacific. :)  And clubs just aren't my thing. Eh

Since I am (kinda sorta) on the topic, I may be going to Hawai'i sometime this winter break. Really hope it works out because I miss my little rock in the ocean. Its been 4 years since I left and I bet soooo much has changed. Sigh...

Is anyone making holiday plans yet?

Anyway, that's all I have for now. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Misa in Quirky Smile

Misa in Quirky Smile is apart of their new fall collection that consists of deeper, darker, lit from within colors. They are all truly beautiful in their own right. Quirky Smile, to me, is a blue-leaning teal although in some lighting it can look more green. The shimmer looks amazing in the sun or in strong, bright light. This is definitely not your grandma’s shimmer polish!

I didn’t pick up the entire collection but now I wish I had. No worries tho, I will pick up the rest later! 
The application was smooth but a tad bit on the runny side. With a little cleanup, application looks flawless, don’tcha think?

(I’ve been practicing my cleanup and its starting to reeeally impress me)

Misa, how I love you!'

I picked these up from for $3.75 each and they are so worth the price tag!