Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Epic Return! Okay not really (Some new pics!)

Hey guys! 

I know this post has been a loooong time comin but its been hectic. Now that I am on summer break, I will be able to put up posts again but I can't promise what will happen come fall. It seems that winter term was nuts! But spring term was 10X worse... And my fall schedule is near suicide! But.. It will all work out. :) 

Anyways, as a way to say sorry here are a few pics... 

China Glaze in Rich & Famous 

A bright (but not quite neon) pink polish! Not a big fan of pink or uber bright/neon colors but this has something special to it that I can't articulate. Even on my pale skin, I like it on me! Very unusual. This was a polish that was a part of my first China Glaze polish haul from the Sally's beauty sale last spring. Oh, how time flies!
I will say that the application of this at first seemed watery but with semi-careful application, it came out damn near perfect! This polish could probably contend to be one of my best pinks. But I most certainly can't ever just pick ONE favorite... :)

China Glaze in Rich & Famous with a LA Girls (under the Forever 21 label) glitter polish

I like the glitter polish but on one nail got a lot more glitter than the other... I tried evening them out and it didn't work so well. A bit annoying, I will admit. But very pretty. If I had more patience (and if i wasn't planning on taking it off in 5 minutes) I would have added an extra layer or two of glitter. Oh well

American Apparel in Peacok

A gorgeous dark teal that I am madly in love with! I asked a guy what color I should put on next and he picked this... A good sport and similar tastes? :)
Anyways! This applies quite well but the brush makes it a little tough to create smooth edges. And because it is so dark and creamy, cleanup is tricky too. But I still love this polish to pieces! I believe this is one coat of polish! Oh, its love! 

That's all that I have today!
I plan to be back with more probably this weekend. 

See ya! 

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