Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Current Top 20 Polishes

Hey guys!

This post is gonna be about my current Top 20 polishes at the moment.
I have a good sized collection but there is a lot that I haven't worn/swatched. For that reason, I didn't include those for consideration.
For this reason, my Top 20 will change periodically with new purchases and swatchings.

L to R: SOPI metro chic, Misa high waist hue, OPI merry midnight, OPI sapphire in the snow, NFU-oh 51

L to R: Wet n Wild Crazee in Shield, Essie in Chinchilly, ELF in Blush, ELF in Champagne, ELF in Mod Mauve

L to R: Maybelline in Brown Aluminium, China Glaze in Ruby Pumps, China Glaze in Cords, China Glaze in VII, American Apparel in Dynasty

L to R: Zoya in Jacy, LA Girl in  Addict, La Girl in Indigo (F21 name), LA Girl in Double Platinum, Diamond Cosmetics in Chainmail Charm

I wanted to show you the awesome effect of these two Holos. They are so awesome! Double Platinum is holo glitter and Chainmail Charm is a holo polish.

One word to describe holos? BRILLIANT!

Let's see if my upcoming Transdesign order full of pastels (i hardly have any!), holos, glitter, and new Misa polishes will make the cut for the next Top 20.

Do you have any of these? Would they make your Top 20?

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  1. OMG! I have (and like) High Waist Hue, Metro Chic, Chinchilly, Nfu Oh #51 and Chainmail Charm too! Yay!