Friday, September 10, 2010

Misa in Quirky Smile

Misa in Quirky Smile is apart of their new fall collection that consists of deeper, darker, lit from within colors. They are all truly beautiful in their own right. Quirky Smile, to me, is a blue-leaning teal although in some lighting it can look more green. The shimmer looks amazing in the sun or in strong, bright light. This is definitely not your grandma’s shimmer polish!

I didn’t pick up the entire collection but now I wish I had. No worries tho, I will pick up the rest later! 
The application was smooth but a tad bit on the runny side. With a little cleanup, application looks flawless, don’tcha think?

(I’ve been practicing my cleanup and its starting to reeeally impress me)

Misa, how I love you!'

I picked these up from for $3.75 each and they are so worth the price tag!


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