Monday, September 20, 2010

China Glaze Collection & Bermuda Breakaway

Oh China Glaze, I love you. 

Someone wanted to see all the ChG polishes I have so here they are in the shape of a heart. Cute right? I have 54 of them currently and it definitely won't stop there. I am already eyeing the holiday collection. 

I have issues. 

But don't blame me! ChG makes great collections in so many fun colors. Any serious collector or nail polish fan needs them in their collection. 

Anyway, here is Bermuda Breakaway that I just recently hauled. 

Such a deep, beautiful blue!

These pictures show the blue to be brighter but in person its darker. More like a dark navy blue. 

I've never been into blue much until recently. I think it was that blue holo polish from Milani that suddenly got me into blue. Weird. 

And I wanted to get someones opinion... Does it drive anyone else crazy when people call creme colors (no sparkle, glitter or shimmer) mattes?   Matte means there is no shiney effect. This confusion drives me nuts. Probably because I LOVE creme finishes but I'm not wild about the majority of matte polishes. So for me, this distinction is important. 

Does anyone else notice this?

Well, I'll end that mini rant. :P 

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