Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its Starting to Feel a lot like Christmas!

Oh by oh boy Christmas is very near!

I thought i would do a informal post about my short Thanksgiving holiday break and add a few picks.

Wednesday was a nightmare with a asthma attack right before my class presentation because i was rushing and started to cough uncontrollably. One of our group members totally dropped the ball and just... it wasn't what i imagined nor wanted. oh well... At least my shift right after was pretty easy and slow. But later that night i discovered that one of my bunnies (Basil) had diarrhea and it was all over his under side. Poor little guy. Luckily, it cleared up seemingly quick. Wasn't sure what it was but today (Saturday) Portland is alerting my area that the water reservoir was positive for E. Coli and to start boiling water or using bottled water. I think this may have been the cause. Came home today and filled their water bottle with bottled water after cleaning it down best i could.
Also my best friend told me she was along for Thanksgiving so i had to have her over and the BF's parents didn't mind. They are wonderful. :)

Rained alllll day long, pretty bad too. Here are some pics.

Yup Good ol' Portland. We had traditional Thanksgiving food along with something new... Pumpkin Ice cream! It tasted like the filling of pumpkin pie in a differnt texture. It was pretty good. We hung out, watched a movie and enjoyed a day off. :)

I stayed the night on Thursday with the BF and his parents. The BF went for black friday with his friend but i stayed in bed. Later i helped his dad put together his new couch and went for lunch at a small local restaurant and had the biggest burger i've ever seen IRL. So good too. Then a quick trip to Walgreens (small haul post after this) and home. I can't remember what i did the rest of the day... i think i did my nailsk... Haha

Saturday (today):
I had to work today so i got up early but i didn't mind because it was very slow so i mostly spent my time doing the little chores around the office, processing packages, read polish blogs, search polish swatches, played with my blog layout, started a list of polishes to order next... Yeah, it was fun. Then later i went out with the BF and BFF (yeah lame but its easier to understand this way... i think) to walmart (small haul) and another plaza where i wondered into Sally's for a few minutes.

We bought hair dye because my BFF is in ROTC and needed to get rid of her peak-a-boo highlights. It was my first time dying anyones hair and it appears that i didn't miss a spot! :) Yeah, i'm a natural i guess. The pic is her letting it sit in her hair while we watch Save the Last Dance.

I also wanted to show you some cute penguin snow globes i've gotten (i love penguins!)

Sooo cute! BF's parents got me this :)

Surprisingly we found this at Safeway and the BF insisted we get it. Needless to say, i love it!

Oh yeah... And Today i found out that our reservoir for my part of the city has been contaminated with E. Coli and the city is cautioning everyone to boil water and use bottled water. Aw great...
This sign was just posted in my building this afternoon after i left.
Eck gross

Well that is that. It is currently almost 2:30 am Sunday morning. Tomorrow is a full day of studying more accounting and working on the project. Before Intermediate Accounting, i loved doing my accounting homework but this class is nothing like that. I can't wait to get out of it already.

Anyway, Hope you had a good mini break if you celebrate Thanksgiving. :)

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