Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comparison Swatches of Dusty Muaves

So this is going to be a post comparing some of my dusty rose-muave colored polishes. This post may be a bit premature since i am expecting to receive a few more polishes in the mail (a whopping 22 new ones!) but i just wanted to see so i thought i would make a post of it.

L to R: China Glaze in Fifth Avenue ($3-6 Depends on retailer), ELF in Mod Mauve ($1, NYX Girls in Flash ($2 Cherry Culture), Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer ($2 WalMart), and Sinful Colors in Vacation Time ($2 Walgreens).

These last two pics really make it confusing which color is which so i will label them again for ya :)

Thumb: China Glaze in Fifth Avenue ($3-6 Depends on retailer)
Much more red/rosey pink based cream color. Only one coat and it is completely opaque. Application is flawless! One of my favorites in my collection and china glaze hit the nail on this one!

Pointer: Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer ($2 WalMart)
This is such a beautiful color but definitely needs more than one coat for even coverage. First thing i thought after applying was that i HAVE to compare it to Metro Chic (once i get it in the mail) because i wonder how the two compare. This is the darkest of all the colors and definitely is more purple/plum toned then the rest and i knew i fell in love. Only problem was the the application wasn't quite smooth, particularly the 2nd coat which can lead it to be less than a beautiful manicure. But i can't say i mind much... Its a great color and the price is right! Definitely grabbing more of this brand.

Middle: NYX Girls in Flash ($2 Cherry Culture)
A little on the sheer side, 2 coats are needed (minimum) but 3 coats really brings out the true color. Application is smooth and you are left with a light pink based dusty color. Lighter than i prefer but it was one of my first "dusty" colors that really got me hooked.

Ring: ELF in Mod Mauve ($1
At one coat, it looks very blotchy and uneven. Application isn't as smooth as i would like but still decent. Give it 2-3 coats and it is a lovely plum/rose mix mauve color. This is definitely a keeper and the price is amazing at only a dollar!

Pinky: Sinful Colors in Vacation Time ($2 Walgreens)
A new addition and my second polish from Sinful that i had to grab when i glaced down at it in line at Walgreens. Application was alright but i'm not sure if it was the brush or the formula that made it slightly annoying to apply. Regardless it is a dusty rose color that is less red than Fifth Avenue but darker than Flash. Very pretty and (in my opinion) work appropriate.

Like i mentioned above, i wonder how Metro Chic will compare to these colors. I can't hardly wait!
If anyone knows any colors similar to these, let me know! I love these 'dusty' colors.

I also thought i would mention real quick that Sephora by OPI currently has a box set of 3 polishes for the price of 2 on their website which includes Metro Chic. I wasn't planning on placing an order today until i was sent a code for free shipping on any orders. Here is the code in case you were interested: Ship4Free and is good until Monday 11/30/09. I also decided to pick up another one called On Stage. These will be my first Sephora by OPI polishes and i am giddy with excitement right now.

Anyway, off to finish my Sunday evening and prep for dead week. Finals are right around the corner... How fun!... (Not!)
Who is ready for Christmas?! I am!


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