Saturday, November 7, 2009

New item! And a swatch of Elf Mod Mauve

Hey guys! So this is the first of many nail polish swatches that i will start doing. Really getting into nails lately and have been so inspired by all the amazing blogs out there!
A few days ago i started hunting for polish swatches and found soo many! But... I also came up empty on so many colors that i had to just take a chance on them. So that's why i plan on doing my part and adding swatches to my own blog. Yay! :)

I ordered from head2toebeauty and have not received tracking/shipping info yet so i assume it will be sent monday (i hope since i ordered 10:30am on Thursday)

Anyway, let the swatch begin!!

This is a E.L.F. polish ($1) from and i have to say that the formula of their polishes are pretty great but some are prone to chipping (like this one). This is called Mod Mauve and it is such a neat color. For some reason i love dull, dusty creme colors and this one is perfect for my tastes. It is similar to the ever-so famous Metro-Chic (OPI at Sephora) but less grey toned. Still wanting metro-chic but this shade will suffice for now.
(sorry for the poor lighting. its raining like crazy here in Portland)

I have quite a few of the elf polishes some of my favorites are blush and champagne which i will swatch sometime soon.

Under it i am wearing the Nailene So Natural Brush On Gel ($9 at RiteAid) that i have been eying for a few weeks. Surprisingly it has been hard to find even online (weird huh?)

The kit is quite small compared to regular polishes (i compared the size to a china glaze bottle). It is meant to strengthen and thicken your nails to make them super tough. Right now i am trying to grow out all my nails to make them long and even so i needed something to keep them from breaking in the midst of this process. So i thought i would try this.

The is only 2 steps. First, apply gel over nails with brush. And immediately follow up with the activator on top (before gel can dry). Then just clean the activator brush in the cleaner bottle.

I've heard of people using gels like those from IBD to strengthen their nails but the kit was quite pricey and complicated so i am trying this out first.

I applied it late last night and took a bath this morning. When i got out my nails still felt strong and looked great. I applied the mod mauve over it with a coat of seche vite to set it and so far so good. I am reeeally hoping the strong nailene base will keep this polish on longer. Last time i wore this is chipped really quick so... I guess we will see.

I'll try to update on how the polish and nailene kit last together.

In the meantime i am busy with school, work, and my business fraternity (CO-ED) its making my head spin but i am really looking forward to getting in some stuff i ordered including a flat iron from, polishes from head2toebeauty and cherryculture (ordered polishes here too haha).

Should i do a haul post?

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