Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haul: Christmas Nail Gifts

Hey guys! So I received a lot of amazing gifts this year for Christmas. I am truly grateful and appreciative.

My boyfriend and his parents didn't feel too comfortable picking out makeup/nail stuff but they did their best and supplemented it with a gift card to Ulta (that will be a different post). Let me show you my goodies!

I got a set from Colorworks which i don't think is a regular line of polish just one that makes box sets for the holidays but i could be wrong. Anyway, this came with a lot of different things that i didn't have.

I immediately took it all out of the box and threw that away. So I also took pics individually too.

These are all the color polishes in the set. A few of the colors look different IRL. Theres no labels or names so I'm not sure how to enter them into my list of polishes. Maybe I could make up my own names and attache little labels? hmmmm...
Just by playing with them, they seem to be pretty decent pigmented polishes. Cheap polishes can be big surprises!

These are the French manicure polishes and French tip guides as well. I needed more of these! These polishes are bigger than the colored ones.

Yup thats right! A nail dryer! This thing was funky because the included instructions said it needed two C batteries but when we popped open the back the slots were way too small. AA's fit perfectly. Weird.
You turn it on by placing your hand under the flap (pic below) and pressing down.
I don't like having to press it down because without dry fast top coats, it can take forever and I'd probably forgot to apply pressure. But its still cool... in a not-so-useful way!
By the way, it emits cool air. Probably just a fan inside.

These are a bunch of the tools they included.
The round cylinder thing at the top left is a set of 4 nail tools. Next to it is a foot lotion (but i suppose it could be used for hands too).
The tub is a nail buffing cream with the nail buffer on top. Not sure if this cream is just for buffing or just a typical hand lotion. Either way, i've used it all over my hands.
The 3 items under the nail tools is a cuticle remover cream, nail whitening pencil, and a corrector pen.
And the last two items are pretty obvious-nail brush (2 sides! really useful) and toe separators. Honestly, i hate toe separators... I don't like my toes pulled apart!

I also got this case! I decided its nail related because I plan to use it for nail stuff (and maybe some makeup too) when I travel. Most often, when I stay over with the BF and I want to bring my supplies.
Included with it are those dividers (which i put up randomly) and different foam padding! Perfect for protecting my polish while allowing them to stand up-right.

I took a shot with a ton of stuff in it! Pretty much more than you would really 'need' for a manicure or two but polish lovers will understand... We need all that stuff "just in case" we will need it. Haha
When I went home after Christmas, I took my polish home in this and everything seemed safe. Very happy with it.
I also received a smaller, less cool version of this case, i just forgot to take pics.

I received much more non-nail/beauty related items such as a new desk and desk chair from Ikea, tea set from Ikea, a HP mini netbook, my new nikon digital camera (notice the awesome pics above?), penguins galore including more penguin pajama pants (love!), bed set, penguin flannel sheets, and even a crystal penguin! Yeah, I was really spoiled. :)

Anyways, I'll start posting new material very, very soon! I promise!

Bye for now!

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