Monday, January 18, 2010

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics in Decadence

Finally, one of the Diamond Cosmetics polishes!
This is Decadence - a beautiful medium brown with high sparkle effect - almost a foil!

These pictures are pretty accurate and I am SO happy for my new camera. My pics just come out great!

This was one of the Diamond Cosmetics polishes that really stood out to me. The picture on their website just does not do it justice! I believe this was 2 coats and it applied just fine with minimal clean up necessary.
I will say that the brush is a typical cheapy brush that gets the job done but isn't special or anything.

This is definitely a wearable brown even for my light skintone. Typically, I have to be very careful with browns but on the nails, it looks great!

Diamond Cosmetics knows how to do high sparkle almost foil like finishes. I am blown away with how cool they look.

I will say that I hate the label. It just makes the polish look cheap when really, its not (quality wise).
Price wise? These babies are only $2.25 each. (was $2 when I ordered)
You can find these on the Diamond Cosmetics site only.
Shipping was $5.90 for 10 or less items bringing my total just under $26  for these amazing polishes.

I will say that shipping is a bit frustrating.
Once you place your order, you have to wait 2-4  business days for a shipping receipt. For only 10 polishes, this seemed a bit long. And they also ship FedEx Smartpost which I find annoying (First Fedex brings the package to your area, then USPS delivers it) with trying to track it.

But for the price and quality, I will definitely be ordering again very soon! Probably next month! :)

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