Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Mani and Misc. Pictures

Okay for some reason I did not post this... Argh, I hate when I do that!

I took a little break from posting, not on purpose. Suddenly it was new years then BAM school started on the 4th. It all hit me too fast. And before I knew it, 2 weeks had gone before my eyes.

Trouble is that I live a pretty full life. I am interested and passionate about many things and I try to cram it all in there. Between all my classes, homework, work, business group ongoings, econ paper writing, nail polish, my friend's new business, the boyfriend, not to mention chores (that are often neglected), it gets to be so much that i don't have time to sleep.

I'm slowly, but surely, getting better about juggling it all but it seems that when I slack off for just ONE day, I'm so behind. When things get to be too much, don't be surprised if I don't post. I just think my mental sanity means more.

I love polish and its so awesome reading so many blogs! I'm always here, just not as active as I wish I could. But I do have a bunch of material to post including new AA polishes (that I LOVE), my first Nfu-Oh, Hard candy, and a upcoming Transdesign order. Yup, its been polish heaven this month!

Anyways... onto this 2 week old post. :)

Immediately after getting Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps I HAD to use them and I couldn't pick one.. So i used both!
I also used a konad plate m65 for the diagonal designs. Oh i just love it! Although my right hand came out much better than my left.

Left Hand

I just couldn't seem to clean this up very well without my pointed Q-tips. I ran our and surprisingly, they are kind of hard to find! Argh  And the diagonal lines come out funky on this hand.

The right hand is much better even with my cuticles in horrible shape.

I couldn't find anything to wrap my hands around for a proper pic so I justed used my new battery charger for my new Nikon Coolpix camera I received as a gift for Christmas. Can you tell how much better these pics are compared to my iPhone?! I sure can!

Anyway, I thought I would add some fun pictures now.

For some reason Paprika decided to jump on top of the cage while I was working on moving some furniture around. She's so feisty!

Decided to go with the mango passion fruit. It sounds like it would be fruity and flavorful but it wasn't. Oh well, it was on sale 2/$4. Green and White tea fusion should be a easy winner.
By the way, thats part of my new tea set the boyfriend and his mother picked out for me for Christmas. I also have the matching teapot. Its so cute! I love that the cup is so wide. I believe its from Ikea is you're interested. :)

This is after 1.5 hours of snow coming down. I was at work and suddenly snow was just being dumped from the sky! It was so sudden and unexpected. Not to mention, it came down fast and hard (Thats what she said) that it took everyone by surprise. Luckily, the BF was downtown and took me home. I was barely wearing any warm clothing and cheap flats. Walking home would been a disaster.  I had an old pair of snow boots on... Just in case.

Anyway, there's more to come soon!


  1. Your mani was cute! Oddly, my right often comes out best with my Konads too. But it's the hardest for me to do because I am a righty.
    That snow was something else! We totally missed it down in Eugene. It was just cold and ridiculously rainy. I won't lie, I'm glad it didn't snow here! I do not *heart* the snow.

  2. Your nails look great. Very Christmasy. Would love to see more posts of your polished nails :)