Monday, August 16, 2010

Reorganization of my Polish Stash!

So I recently came to a crossroads. In a Tumblr post, I wrote about needing to rethink the organization/storage of my nail polishes because I had run out of space… Officially. I had gotten a bunch of new polish from Golden Rose and they had no home. I left them to sit in the packing envelope that they arrived in but really… That's just not fair.

I listed some options in the Tumblr post. Bascially I was kind of stuck in the short term. I really don't have the funds to do much right now in terms of purchasing racks or what not. So I decided on the next best option… Clear out this shelf I have in my apartment that housed some DVDs and books.

Let's look at the before storage pics….

Yikes! See how crowded it had become? There was no way I could fit anything more in there comfortably. Not to mention  I couldn't even really see my stash. I had to always pull polishes out to find anything. No Bueno!

And here is the after in the shelf…

What do you guys think?

I also posted a video if you're interested. I'll include it at the very bottom.

I keep inventory of my polishes here and as I write this, I have 346 polishes. Isn't that insane?! But honestly, my collection is no where near done! Not by a long shot.

How big is your polish collection? Is there ever a number of polishes that you would reach and decide your collection is full/complete? I'm not sure if I have  magic number. I guess its just when I am satisfied or overwhelmed with my collection. Whichever comes first :P 

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  1. Great nail polish collection and I like how you storage them... I have almost 170 nail polishes and I don't have limit but I would like to stop buying but when I like some colour I have to buy :DD