Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NOTD: Color Club Babe lined with Sliver Tips

So I keep reaching for my typical dark or neutral colors and i wanted to mix it up a little. I decided to go with Color Club in Babe which is a very opaque pearl pink. I was surprised just how opaque it was since so many light pinks are on the sheer side and require layering. I believe i did 2 coats just to even it out but i could have gone with 1 thick coat.

After i sat and looked at the color, it thought it needed something. It was just so opaque and pink. So i pulled out my collection and decided to do the tips with a LA Colors Art Deco polish in Silver Glitter.

I thought it was nice but the more i kept looking at it... i just felt something wasn't quite right. This manicure, on me, looked a lot like those press on nails for 6 year old girls. Pretty but just meant for a completely different age group.

Lesson of the day is to be careful with pinks and overly girly combinations.


And just as a quick blurb, i have a huge haul from Tuesday to show you from Rite Aid (because they have all Wet n Wild products 40% off making their $1 polishes .59 and $2 polishes $1.19), Claires and Forever 21. Definitely going to have to break it up and it may take a few days to get it up. Going to be picture heavy since in total i picked up 48 polishes and a few other things. Yeah, i went a little crazy and now that means no more shopping for December unless it is a Christmas present.

Oh and i almost forgot to mention that i placed my first order on Tuesday for some empty bottles, NailTek, Crackle polish (YES!!), Nail design Tools and of course some polishes. Needless to say, i am quite excited. I just sometimes wish i didn't live across the country from awesome online stores since it often takes 5+ days to receive. But i am a little worried because now UPS says it will arrives next Tuesday. I have a big accounting final on Thursday! It will be so hard to study after getting so many polishes and new things to play with!

Geez just as i was about to post this and i realized i have so much coming in the mail.
Transdesign: 21 polishes (i think) plus a lot of other odds n ends
Zoya: 14 polishes (will take a while since i used the green promo code)
Sephora: 4 Polishes
Avon: 4 Polishes

For a total of 43 polishes. Wow.... Yeah, i think i am done with polish shopping this month. :/

Just wanted to add this pic of the crazy construction thats been going on for months and will be going on for many MORE months. Ugh But at least it was a nice day.

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