Thursday, August 5, 2010

Because I love food.

This is going to be a non-polish related post. Sorry to disappoint but I'd like to share other things going on too. :)

Recently I have been eating at these lovely food carts out on 4th Ave across from the engineering building. After being here almost 3 years, I have never actually eaten at one before. Weird.

It wasn't until I was working more shifts with a co-worker did I see all the yummy things they had to offer. I also stumbled upon another blog dedicated to the food carts across Portland. I suddenly became very interested.

To be honest, I've stuck to the 'safe food' rather than trying new things but that's how I roll. I need to warm up to something before I can really delve into it. Give me time. So I may be doing a food cart related post from time to time.

What we have below is "D-Island Burger" from Fernandos. It has a patty, ham, swiss and pineapple with some terriyaki sauce. I believe it was $4.50 for the burger and with the extras was $8 in total. Worth it? Yes. My only little complaint is that the pineapple was canned (which I fully expected). Coming from Hawaii, I'm just used to the fresh stuff so I'm a bit picky in that regard. Otherwise, it was awesome and perfect!

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