Sunday, August 8, 2010

Metro Chic has my heart + another accent nail

I'm getting back into my blogging groove after a long hiatus. What can I say? 16 credits on top of work and my business fraternity is a big plate as it is. The truth is I never stop painting my nails, I just don't consistently take pictures let alone edit/post them. I'm thinking that if I can set aside Sunday mornings, I might be able to put up a post, maybe even two. I just don't want to fall off the wagon again. I like having a place to record and track my progress and my nails over time, ya know? But with that I will say that I post iPhone pics to my Tumblr quite frequently as they are snapped then uploaded almost immediately. So you can always find me there.

Anyways, onto my current mani!

I love Metro Chic something fierce. I can't explain why I love it so much, I just do! Not to mention that I think it actually works well with my pale skin tone. That doesn't occur too often for me!

I added the Knightly Armour to the ring finger for a kick and it looked beautiful against Metro Chic. My camera does not do this layering polish justice, so sorry! And frankly, I can't even describe it too well. Its definitely not a glitter polish but it lays down these small flaks of silver that completely transforms a creme color. Its amazing and I will probably start using it sparingly because I want it around forever. I picked this up from Sallys Beauty on clearance and if I see this color there again, I am buying 3 or 4 more. The original price seems to be $4 with your Sallys card but I found this and two others on clearance for $2. Score! That reminds me... I need to do a haul post.

And I added the rhinestones a day later because two friends gave me crap for never using them. I just laid them down on a top coat of WnW clear coat and topped it with more clear coat. Its been about 24hours and they seem to be on pretty good.

On Wednesday I am going to a informal event with KPMG (an accounting firm) to a timbers game. Its casual dress but I'm not sure if I should tone down my nails. I mean they usually aren't too crazy as it is but... I don't know. I guess I don't know how my nail polish fetish (for lack of a better word) will fit in with the professional world. Hmmmm

Anyways, I'm off to bed. My uterus hates me right now. :P

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