Friday, August 13, 2010

Haul: Sinful Colors and Milani

One afternoon we made a quick trip to Fred Meyer (I believe that was bought out by Kroger a while back) and I decided to wonder around their beauty isles. They had some collection plastic holders sitting out but they were either empty of damn near empty. Wah!

Some locations seem to have a wide, well stocked variety, but sadly this store was not one of them. I still managed to pick up some cool polishes so I won't complain TOO much.

L to R: Sinful Colors in All About You, Suede Shoes, Shausha, 
Dream On, Rise and Shine, Mint Apple, 
Milani in In A Flash

I have a small collection of Sinful Colors previous to picking these up. As of writing, I've used 3 of these and I love them! I currently have Rise and Shine on my toes right now and its PERFECT! 

Rise and Shine, Suede Shoes, Mint Apple, All About You

I'll get to the glitters in a moment... The two greens are unique. Rise and Shine is definitely not showing up as vivid and bright as it is IRL. So sorry! I can say that I have it on my toes at the moment and its lovely, bright, and great for summer! In the bottle you will see a blue shimmer/sheen but on the nail, it seems to disappear. Honestly, I'm not sure if thats good or bad. Either way, I LOVE it. 
Mint Apple also has obvious silver shimmer visible in the bottle. I have yet to wear it yet but I hope the shimmer is at least somewhat noticeable. But I will say that this isn't the typical mint greens that we've been seeing. It seems to be much less pale/pastel. I like!

Suede Shoes

See the glitter on that one? It looks like I am looking into some galaxy or something. I hope its as interesting on the nail as it is in the bottle!

All About You

This is one of the polishes I was wearing as a layering polish recently. Check it out here. The pics there aren't great, I know! In that post I mentioned that the micro glitter in this polish is more complex than I originally thought. There is a base of micro tacky-yellow-gold glitter but there are also some lightly larger glitter bits that are orange. That bit of orange really lights up this polish!

As for the other two polishes, I could not seem to snap a decent photo of them. I think my camera started acting wonky at the end of the little photo session. Its temperamental and fussy. 

In A Flash

Milani's In A Flash refused to be captured by my camera as well. It isn't the first time I have tried either. The base color seems right but the glass-like-flecks just don't appear quite right. In person, you can see lots of gold flecks! But photos? Fail.  Oh well. 

Anyways... More hauls to come. I've been one haulin fool :P 

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