Sunday, December 6, 2009

Avon Haul

Thats right, another haul! Yeah, i am now i nail polish addict...
I didn't get a whole lot but a few cool things i bought were...

Lip Gloss
L to R: Apple Cinnamon and Island Glow

L to R:
Golden Wine, Golden Rose, Golden Twilight, and Nocturnal

I decided to put on Golden Wine this after noon but by the time i was finished there was barely any sun left so NOTD pics will come later. Winter is nice but i dislike the extremely short days. Makes me miss Hawaii soooo much.

I tried this Friday night and it was such a cool mask. It was on sale from $.99 to $.69
It was soo worth it! It really does leave your skin feeling moisturized. Nothing long term, more of a quick fix. Even so, it was wonderful and i really enjoyed it.

Well that is my Avon Haul. Trust me, there is more haulage on the way...
Monday comes my Sephora Haul (4 polishes and some samples), Tuesday comes my first TransDesign order, and Thursday is my accounting final and a partial zoya order (few polishes are on backorder.) Not sure what i am most excited about... Ending the term or getting these packages...ECK!!

Once the term ends i want to think about long term plans of nail polish storage... This is a pic of my current storage method but let me remind you that this is before my 4 avon polishes and the 13 polishes from the dollar store and excluding the polishes in the mail right now. Don't think there will be enough room once my TransDesign order gets here. *sigh*

Any suggestions?

Also, i've managed to catalog my polish collection in Access (database). going to put a lot more time into it over the winter break. I'm excited, let's just say that. :)

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