Friday, December 4, 2009

NOTD: LA Girls Rockstar Polish in Teal

Here is another gorgeous polish from LA Girls. I purchased this from Forever 21 and i noticed something interesting besides their new makeup in stores... Forever 21's makeup label is labeling LA Girls polish as their brand now which means no real color names hence the name of this one "teal". Oh its so much more!!
Some of the polishes i pick up at Forever 21 have the typical LA Girls label on the front with a forever 21 sticker on the back (with their sorry attempt for a name!) while others have no LA Girls markings whatsoever but the bottle is identical to LA Girls. This makes me sad. I still consider them to be LA Girls colors. But at least i can find them at Forever 21 now (horribly display, i must say) thats better than buying blindly online.

Anyway onto the polish itself.

Teal-green colors are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but typically i don't see them looking nice against my pale skin. What sold me on this polish is the amazing shimmer. It reflects as good as a glitter but not nearly as chunky which i love! I don't wear (or buy) glitters often despite how beautiful they are they are such a pain to take off. This was almost as easy as any other polish. I guess i would consider this a glitter but its so on the fence.

It has a Jelly like formula and could be more opaque. This is 2 coats and there is still VNL but that could be solved with more coats (IMO) or a white/black base polish. It was smooth and dried at a normal pace.

I only wore this polish for a day. That may be typical for other bloggers but not for me. Usually i have it on at least 2-3 days but my ring finger nail split on the side so i had to remove the polish and try to mend it for now. I reaaly really want to grow out my nails!

Like i mention, these colors aren't usual for me but wow... I absolutely love this. I want my best friend (who is much darker than me) to wear it. I'm sure it will stand out great on her plus this is her type of color for sure. :)

Ecck! Still anxiously waiting for my packages in the mail. But they did change the delivery date of my TransDesign packaged from Wednesday to Tuesday! :)

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