Saturday, December 5, 2009

Massive Haul: Part 2 - Forever 21 and Claires

I'm not sure what possessed me to go downtown that day but i did get some great finds. First, what i got from Forever 21...

Stuff from Forever 21 (Forgot to take collective pics of stuff from Claire's)

Set of 3 pairs of stud earrings - $3.80
2 different necklace/earring sets - $4.80 Each
LA Colors Intense 4 piece set - $5
LA Girls (Rockstar) Polish in "teal" - $2.80 (Swatch in previous post)
LA Girls (Flare) Polish in Light Orange - $2.80 (Actually a gold glitter)
Love & Beauty Polish in Purple/Blue - $2.80 (glitter)**
Love & Beauty Polish in Orchid - $2.80**
Love & Beauty Polish in Grey - $2.80**
(not shown above) Silver cosmetic bag - $4.80

***Note: These polishes look and feel EXACTLY the same as all the LA Girls polishes i have gotten from Forever 21 (including the first two in this haul and others from CherryCulture. It appears Forever 21 is putting their label on La Girls polishes. Therefore, i still consider them to be LA girls polishes).

Downside is that these 4 polishes are not labeled at all. For reference, i cataloged these as Intense Teal, Purple, Orange, and Pink.

L to R: LA Girls in Teal and Light Orange (more like gold glitter)

L to R: Love & Beauty Grey, Orchid, and Purple/Blue

Clair's Haul

L to R: Claire's Hollywood($4.50), Magic($4), 14 Karats($4), and Clean Slate($4)

This were more pricey than what i expected but i didn't mind because i really liked the colors. My favorite of the bunch is 14 Karats because of its unique appearance. It is quite unique and i fell in love with a gold for the first time. I just hope it looks decent on me, golds and my skin tone usually clash.
i haven't work any of these but when i swatch them i think i will enjoy them very much!

When i walked into Claire's, i just planned on checking out the polishes since i have seen some pretty cool ones on other blogs. but when i saw the rose earrings (LOVE!) i knew i had to have them. Well they have this buy 2 get 1 free deal so i scanned to see if i could find anything else good... I did! I saw the penguins and i HAD TO HAVE THEM! I've seen other Christmas/penguin earrings that look... stupid. These were simple, cute penguins!

And i kind of wanted some bigger but unique hoops and i spotted this pair to make the 3 earring deal. Sweet!

some great finds that day. But i have a lot more hauls on the way. I've been definitely going overboard and i literally had to STOP myself 3 times today from ordering online... But on the drive to the BF's place, i begged him to stop at the dollar store because i had heard about the dollar tree stocking up on polishes from Maybelline and Sally Hansen. So glad i went! I found a lot of great polishes - 13! i would have indulged more but the BF was flabbergasted at how much i was putting in the cart i thought i would take it easy. But now i am feigning for more! If only he saw my entire stash that is quickly approaching 200 when i just hit 100 a week or so ago... yikes

Anyway, i need to focus tomorrow on studying for my big accounting final to pull my grade up. I doubt i will get a A- in the class after re-examining my grades but i could get a B+ if i work my a$$ off!

See ya!

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