Monday, December 7, 2009

Haul: Sephora and Christmas is near!

i've been wanting some Sephora by OPI for a while now. All the cool kids had Metro Chic and its definitely my kind of color, thats for sure! So when i saw that Sephora had a set of 3 polishes for the price of 2 ($18 instead of $27) and it included Metro Chic PLUS on Cyber Monday they were offering free shipping on all order... So i gave in! I also picked up another polish (that turns out to be very similar to Metro Chic) because it was another color i was attracted to... So i decided "eh, why not?"

L to R: Sephora by OPI in On Stage, A True Romantic, Domestic Goddess, Metro Chic

This is my door. The fake wreath is from 1-2 years ago from the Dollar Tree. And the bottom sign "Let it Snow" i also purchased at the Dollar Tree over the weekend along with some $1 Maybelline and Sally Hansen polishes. I'll do a haul on this soon i just keep forgetting to snap a pic before the sun goes down.

Here's some yummy cinnamon apple strudels (Spelling?!) from Fred Myers. These are becoming some of my favorite things to eat! I hope to pick some more up over the weekend. Yum, Yum, Yum! I've been so obsessed with cinnamon this fall.

The Santa outfit is another thing we picked up at the dollar tree. Isn't it cute? this is Luther, older black cat who loves to be held, rubbed, and petted all the time. He is my cuddle bug. Everytime i go to the BF's parents house, i have to spend some quality time with Luther.
He wore this little outfit all around. Didn't even notice it. It was so cute. Too bad i couldn't snap a good pic of it.

I also decided to try the outfit on LuLu to see how she would react. She seemed rather... confused. Haha

I love her big bright eyes. In the dark, sometimes it looks like a fair of floating eyes.

this is Tiny. I didn't try the outfit on her for my own safety. Haha But she can be nice sometimes. in this pic she was laying on my chest.

lulu kept chewing at the Velcro. Doesn't she know how cute she looks with it on??

Awwwwwww! I love her.

Anyways, tomorrow i have my transdesign order coming in and i'm just too excited!
I'm not sure what to do with myself because i really want to wear my new sephora polishes as well. But i think the Holiday OPI polishes i ordered just may win. We'll see.
Luckily, i don't have to work so i can just focus on studying. Today, the studying hasn't gone so well. Woke up a little late, had a hard time getting motivated andby the time i got on track, i had to head to work.

And by the time i got home i was (and still am) a frozen icicle! With wind chill its says its about 8 degrees outside! So this is why the boyfriend has been trying to get me to buy gloves. It gets frickin cold!!! I plan on staying in tomorrow except to make one trip to the office to grab my package when its in and to pickup/drop off a form. Then it's back to the apartment.

Well i may try to post my TransDesign haul tomorrow, if it gets here before i lose the sun. If not, then i can probably get to my little dollar tree haul.

See ya!

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