Monday, December 21, 2009

Haul: Diamond Cosmetics, OC Nail Art, and Zoya

Hey guys! So I have been waiting for some packages (some longer than others) and, of course, they all arrived Saturday! Weeeeeee
I'll start with the  smallest which is from Zoya. I ordered last minute from the Zoya Green Friday promotion and 4 of the polishes I ordered were on back order (3 of the greens and 1 I picked out). The first shipment came with 10 polishes and this time i received 2. So I'll just have to wait for the last two... Sigh
Below L to R:
Zoya Freja and Tangy

I also placed another order from OC Nail Art for another plate (i reaaaallly wanted the snowflake image) and 3 more special polishes since my white was running a little low. I ordered them in white (my favorite and the easiest color to work with), silver, and red. I plan on picking up a few more colors soon. Maybe next month?

And lastly, my order from Diamond Cosmetics.

Assuming these go on decently, I would purchase from Diamond Cosmetics again. I already know of a few more I want.But here is what i picked out. Unfortunately, none of them really fit in with the Christmas theme I am going with for the next week so no swatches until later.

I am anxiously awaiting Christmas. This year there are a lot of gifts under the tree, its AMAZING! I grew up a little on the broke side so this just seems unreal. There are so many presents that they are layering each other like crazy. Its all the Boyfriend and his parents. So, can you see why I am excited?

I am really hoping for a camera this Christmas. I take so many pics on my iPhone and now i am blogging regularly... It only seems obvious that a real camera is in need, dontcha think?
The BFs mom said that something was really special but i don't think she would say that about a camera.. Its just not her thing. Maybe jewelry?
If I don't get a camera for Christmas, I just may take the plunge and get one for myself soon. I was hoping to save up for a trip for my 21st bithday (in July) but we'll see...

Anyway, I am spending tomorrow cleaning, cleaning and maybe some rearranging. Including working on a place for me to do my nails. I need a little corner so I will probably move my bed around. It sure is tough sometimes living in a studio but much better than a dorm room!

See ya!

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  1. ooh! I'm so excited about your haul! I'm waiting on my order from Diamond Cosmetics now. I desperately need some new Konad plates, looking forward to see what you do with yours!