Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Practicing with Konad

So i thought i would post some pics of the konad practice i've been doing. I am slowly getting better and i'm enjoying this new hobby of mine! I don't have a pic of what i have on now (i'll try to take some pics tomorrow) but let's just say there has been quite a improvement.

This is Essie Chinchilly with plate m26 using konad white special polish
i believe this was my 3rd of fourth manicure. I played it safe and went simple.

I really love this color from Essie. Very glad i picked it out. This is two coats.
i only took this off because my left ring finger was patched but gave out again after having it on for less than a day. Decided it was time to just chop off the nail. *sigh*

I used OPI Sapphire in the Snow with plate m57. This is a crappy pic but with the weather like it is, its the best i could do.
This was my second time with Konad and it was full of mistakes but for my first time doing a pattern, not too bad. I decided to leave it on despite all the mistakes just because i was running out of time. despite all the flaws, i was still proud of it. :)

But now that i look at it again... Yeesh... Haha

See that big smudge? Yikes
This is why i am practicing over the break. At this rate i will be much better by the time school starts up again.

Really excited about getting another plate and more konad polish options. I like using the konad special polish. Other polishes have been hard to work with, at least for me.

Anyway, see ya!


  1. Practice makes perfect! My first attempts were so awful! I actually laughed at myself!

  2. It's all good! You'll get better and we will all be in awe of your mad skills!