Monday, December 14, 2009

NOTD: Misa High Waist Hue

I've been on the hunt for the perfect nude, particularly for my very light skin tone. In terms of makeup, i always wear the lightest shade of foundation and one problem i have is that many are just not light enough for me. When i hear of great nude shades, makeup or nailpolish, i take the recommendation with a grain of salt, but i think i found a lovely nude for pale girls here!

Because of this color, i want every Misa i can get my hands on...! I plan on purchasing more very soon.

This color is definitely going onto my favorite polish list that i am currently putting together. Its hard to narrow down my collection but this definitely wasn't a hard choice.

Beautiful nude creme that applied like a charm. Oh Misa, how i love you so...

One thing i didn't know about was the shape of the bottle. I always thought it had a similar shape to RBL polishes. But this is so much better. The bottle looks so classy and expensive.

Seeing these pictures make me want to pull out the acetone so that i can use this polish again. I rarely feel that way about a polish... It would look great with some konad in black and a high gloss top coat...

How will i wait another 2 weeks to place another Transdesign order...? I want more Misa now!

I don't usually take a lot of pics of a single shade but i had to with this one. It has a special place in my collection. For $2.99 on Transdesign, i say this is a winner!

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