Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Haul: Package from Transdesign!

So i took the plunge about a week ago and ordered a ton of stuff from Transdesign. A lot of polish and a lot of other misc. nail items that will be at the end.
With this order, i tried out some new brands (to me) and items so i can continue my love for polish!

L to R: Misa in Candy Girl, High Waist Hue, Passion 4 Fashion, and Glimmering Mauve

After hearing such great things about Misa, i took the plunge for $3 a bottle, what could go wrong? So glad i did because i am IN LOVE with Misa right now. I thought for sure the new polish i would put on today would be a toss up between Metro Chic, Merry Midnight or Holiday Glow. For some reason, High Waist Hue called to me. Texture is amazing, color is rich and the bottle is so pretty and classy. i love it all around!
I immediately started looking for more Misa polish swatches so that i could see my next picks.


For some reason i wasn't expecting the bottle to be a cube shaped. Neat!

I was eagerly waiting for the New OPI Holiday polishes. Every swatch i saw, my lemming became stronger and stronger until i knew it was time to order some.
I have to admit, i am a cheap shopper. I like brands like Misa, China Glaze, Wet n Wild because the polish is great AND the price is right! So it's hard for me to reason to spend anything more than $4 on a polish. But for these colors, i had to. Plus, e-retailers sell at a great price $5 compared to $9 in stores.

L to R: OPI in Merry Midnight, Sapphire in the Snow, Holiday Glow, and You Don't Know Jacques!
The little flakes in Merry Midnight is to die for!

L to R: China Glaze in Sci-Fi, Innocence, Harmony and VIII.

Harmony has this streak of silver in it that totally stands out. I wonder if it wasn't mixed well of its just from shipping and particles settling. Either way, its frickin cool!

I really love China Glaze polishes. I feel like they rival OPI and quite often they win. In my book at least.

Heard from another blogger about these New York Summer polishes. Transdesign didn't seem to have much of a collection of this brand but i picked up something different.
I really love Poppies. Not even for frankening... Just the color itself is amazing. For less than two dollars you really can't go wrong even if you are not head over heels for them. The glitters will probably be frankened just because they aren't quite unique or WOW enough but we'll see how it all goes i guess.

L to R: New York Summer in.........

I picked up another Essie even though i'm not a big fan. I have this weird thing that i don't want any "lonely" single brand polishes in my collection. So i am trying to make sure to have at least two. Is that silly of what?!
But anyways i picked up Essie in Chinchilly as well as NailTek Foundation III.
They were out of NailTek Foundation II so i just shrugged not knowing if it mattered anyway. But so far, i'm not really impressed.

These are some extra items i ordered that are all nail related.
I'll try to list them left to right.
The big round bottle is cuticle oil from Armour. I couldn't pick which one to order but this one had a cute bottle and i picked it in watermelon scent. How cool!
I also grabbed some fakies so that i could start the process of swatching my whole collection. I don't have enough fakies currently to do that but i am starting with the brands i love and brands i own many polishes from.
The little squirt bottle is cuticle remover. I have some nasty cuticle growth that can't simply be pushed back no matter how hard i try. So i decided to give this a try and it really does work. But when they say wash it off, they mean it! i've heard of people just wiping it away after and there goes their nail! So be careful with it.
The 3 stick looking things in the back are supposed to be tools for dotting and marbling. I tried water marbling yesterday and i couldn't prefect it but i'll keep experimenting.
I also grabbed some nail decals just for fun. I felt they were overpriced for how many were in the package. Eh, oh well.
Also picked up a nail brush for $.30 since you can't have enough nail brushes. But this thing is so cheap. The bristles suck and they are no where near even... Its just a disaster that they even sell something so crappy. But whatever, its 30 cents.
The two long polishes on the bottle were supposed to be kracle polishes. But i didn't realized the black was actually a "black base" so only the white krackles. I was excited so i just slabbed some on real quick and while it does crack... i'll give it that... It cracks and peels off your nail. Its crappy and did nothing like krackle polishes from CoverGirl did years ago. Ah, oh well. I am now temped to write to Cover Girl and beg them to bring back Krackle polishes. I'd buy at least 5 of them.
And on the far right is just two different kinds of empty nail polish bottles. Just from looking at their brushes... yikes. But we'll see. I plan on doing some frankening very soon. :)

So anyway, i am at work finishing up this so i better get going. :)
Gotta love the save button!

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