Monday, December 14, 2009

Mini Konad Haul and My First Christmas Tree

Yes, you read right... ANOTHER haul but this time its small so don't worry!

I've been practicing with my konad supplies and i am definitely getting better at it. I'm not sure what i was doing wrong months ago but i'm glad i'm getting the hang of it now.

With practicing has come my mega lemming for more plates and more fun!

I see the 30% code for OC Nailart all the time on peoples blogs so i thought i would place a order. My first konad purchase went smoothly through but the prices were the same or similar i thought i would try the site.
I ordered 4 plates at $6.99 each and a plate holder for $3.99.
With the 30% off code, my order came out to be about $22 or so. You get free shipping after spending $20 as well. What a deal!

And because the owner ships from California, i recieved my order very quickly! I was shocked! i ordered Friday evening and it was shipped Saturday. And in my mailbox on Monday. Amazing or what?!

The plates i ordered:
M12 - Christmas theme with santa, candy cande, tree, bells, snowman, and "Merry Christmas"

M35 - flowers, heart, fairy

M51 - Flowers, unique pattern design thats totally unexplainable in a good way

M65 - pattern designs including a rose bud (which is why i wanted it)

i used a flower pattern on M51 tonight using the plate holder and wow! i love the plate and the plate holder made it so much easier and much less of a mess! Definitely worth the money.

I loved my order so much i placed another small order even though i really shouldn't have... Oh well.

I ordered mainly because i saw an amazing snowflake design that i just have to do myself. Surprisingly (to me at least), the Christmas plate didn't have a snowflake but M59 does so i ordered that and 3 Princess Konad polishes in White, Silver and Red. I hope (and assume) i'll get it before the weekend. Eecckk!

Yup, i am really getting into the Christmas mood. Sometimes its hard since my mother died two years ago on Dec. 15 but i know she wouldn't want me to be sad. So, i try hard not to be and keep my spirits up.

This is my very first Christmas tree since i've been out on my own. It's mini but i still love it dearly! We picked up the table top tree for $10, the lights from sergio's parents and the decorations from Target and Fred Meyers. It was so much fun decorating it.

Anyways, i'll be posting pics of some Konad work i've done. Its been pretty bad weather here in Oregon which means pretty bad pics but i'll post what i have. Still hoping for a camera for Christmas. hopefully something with a macro setting. Let the countdown til Christmas begin!

Did i mention i placed my first Diamond Cosmetics order last week and that 2 of the 4 Zoya polishes that have been on back order have shipped out? Well, i am mentioning it now. :) Yup, that means a few more packages.

These nails blogs have made me addicted, addicted i tell ya!

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