Monday, December 7, 2009

NOTD: Avon Golden Wine

This color, golden wine, is from my recent Avon Haul. I thought i would swatch Golden Twilight first but Golden Wine looked AMAZING in the bottle with rather large specks of gold flakes in a beautiful rick deep wine red color.

Golden Wine is the one farthest left. IRL you can totally see all the gold in the bottle.

But sadly, this is one of those polishes that look more amazing in the bottle than on the nail. Oh well. It is still a pretty red.

((Sorry for the extra crappy pics! I was in a hurry and couldn't wait for the sun to cooperate. I wanted to slab on another color before heading out))

For some reason, on the nail, the gold sparkle doesn't seem to show up. But there is a lovely, red shimmer that still makes this a lovely red. Too bad it was a pain to take off. Luckily i had on a good base coat but the rest of my hand came out red. UGH

I'm also really excited to try Nocturnal. After getting Metro Chic, i wonder if it will be a dupe....?! Hmm Let me go check...

Okay i just did a quick swatch... The two are nearly identical!!! OMG!
Only thing is that Metro Chic is more grey while Nocturnal is a bit more on the brown side. But next to each other, i can't see it much. I'll do a comparison swatch as soon as i can... This ought to be interesting.

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