Sunday, December 6, 2009

NOTD: LA Girls/Love & Beauty Purple/Blue Glitter

This is one of the polishes that Forever 21 labeled as Love & Beauty but is the exactly like LA Girls polishes so i consider them as such.

Anyway, on a whim, i decided that to try some glitter polishes (before last week i only had two) since i have been seeing swatches on blogs everywhere. I just really hate taking off the glitter but the day after i put it on i saw a blog post by Nihrida about how to take of glitter polish easily. It really worked! the only issue i had was the black creme wet n wild polish didn't completely come off but that was a lot easier to deal with than the glitter. And i spilled some acetone all over myself but that's nothing new. :P

Anyway, let's take a look!

Just so you know, i take pics next to my window for natural light. I live downtown and i'm surrounded by street parking so no, that isn't my vehicle.

The polish is full of blue and purple glitter and the combo is amazing. It doesn't have any base color so i decided to layer it over a Wet n Wild Black Creme polish (that i must admit, is VERY opaque!).

Something about this glitter really excites me. I have dozens upon dozens of polishes that need to be worn (or at least swatched) but i am SO tempted to pull this one out again. I found mine at forever 21 for $2.80 but i can't guarantee if any particular location will have it. They don't really display their polishes like Sally's does. They just dump them in bins of other colors so nothing is guaranteed and you often have to dig. It's really annoying but i love these polishes and the price is right!
I am tempted to make another trip down there this week and see what's in the bins again. ECK!

OH and i wanted to mention that i'm sorry for the crappy pics. I am really hoping for a better camera for Christmas and i think i just may get it. I took a little peak in a closet and next to a set of Costco makeup brushes was a digital camera that appears to also have been purchased at Costco. Just by deduction, unless its for some 'other' relative i don't know about, i think the camera is for me! At least, i hope it is. i really need one. Christmas couldn't come faster!
The only thing between me and my winter break is my accounting final Thursday morning. This week i have only two short work shifts, some packages of polish and tons of studying. It's gonna be rough because i have no motivation and i feel like i'm already on vacation (or ought to be). To celebrate, my business fraternity is going for dinner Thursday night. If only i were 21, i could have a glass of something to loosen me up. But i guess thats what nail polish is for... :P

Oh and my Sephora order should be in tomorrow too. Hopefully before i have to go to work. Metro chic, come to mama! Expect a swatch soon!

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